Thursday, December 9, 2010


 I live in the Maldives and use to visit Colombo in Sri Lanka during the last 10 years. I never had any difficulty in finding girls in this town, like in India a good connection with taxi driver and hotel porter will solve your need. I just like to add some tips to the information.
- Visit Hotel Rainbow at Palmyrah Mawatta in Galle Road. A sign board say also Vegetarian Restaurant ??. but lot of fresh meat is available. A parlor packed with Singa and Tamil girls in colorful sari waiting for you at different price to bargain. Ask any taxi driver or threesho and he will take you to a dozen of similar little hotel on the road to the airport with waiting girls in the main parlor all. If you don't like the place you can take the girl to your hotel.
- In Liberty Plaza at Liberty Shopping Center just hang around a little and some old men will contact you, one of this is Joe, a toothless old man that will escort you at the 4th floor in the same building where a brothel run by 3-4 old women is active at cheap price ( 10-20 USD) . Noting special. Bargain as usual.
_ Discotheque are now full of Eastern Europe girls on prostitution for 80-150 USD at your hotel room.
- Casino also are a good place for hunting. During my last visit at Bailey Casino I was winning few hundred dollar and I donate to a Thai girl near to me just few fiches for play. I end up with a 500 dollar winning booty and when I ask the girl her tariff for the night she smiling say "Noting my dear" as she have win 200 USD with my initial gift. Usually the price for Thai girl in Casino is 100-150 for all night. Some are afraid to follow you at night due to several military security checking points and all girls are without proper ID card as illegal immigrants. I advise you to contact them and arrange for a visit to your hotel next day afternoon, when you are more relaxed, more sober and in full strength for action. Safe sex if required as usual. The foreigners always carry condom but some local prostitutes not. Take along with you or buy at local chemist the right condom you need.

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